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Counselling is a process where two (or three in couples work) people meet in order to allow emotions, thoughts and ideas to surface in a secure and supportive setting. It may be that you want to voice your concerns to someone who is unrelated, unbiased and uncritical – to feel perhaps for the first time, truly heard and understood.
It could be that there are events from your past or fears for the future which need an airing, with someone who is willing to provide calm acceptance, whatever you may bring.
As a counsellor, I hope to begin to understand you and develop further understanding together. This may be a quiet, reflective time or a more creative and active process. I will always check with you that we are working in a way that is comfortable and helpful to you.
Devon provides a wonderful outdoor environment for walking and allowing nature to nourish us. Walk and Talk therapy has become a popular alternative to conventional counselling and you may enjoy the dual process. Movement can help us feel more free to talk, whilst the impact of the natural world can encourage new perspectives. For some of us, the idea of sitting face-to-face and talking, is a block to seeking help.

I am a registered counsellor and the BACP Register is the first psychological therapists' register to be accredited under a scheme set up by the Department of Health and administered by an independent body, accountable to parliament.

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By integrating learning from a variety of respected theoretical models, I hope to offer a rich experience which can be developed together for your individual needs.
For me, integration is also important as an idea for recognising the whole person – sometimes parts of ourselves which have been hidden or supressed are as important as the image we project. Bringing these elements together as pieces of the puzzle that makes each of us unique, can help us feel whole and able to be ourselves.

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